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Fomei Digital Pro X 500 studijas zibspuldze

Fomei Digital Pro X 500 studijas zibspuldze


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Pasūtāma prece

New Hi-tech studio flash with maximal power 500Ws and 650Ws model light.
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The very short time needed to power up the flash makes it possible to use the Pro X system even in the 3D photo industry.


A built-in thermometer indicating the temperature of the flash electronics will enable you to take on photographic projects with confidence.


Thanks to a variable construction of the flash body, the LCD panel is always turned in a way which makes it easy to read.


The flash counter keeps you informed about the lifetime of the discharge lamp.


5 groups/A, B, C, D, E and 10 channels 1 –10. Each flash can have its unique name in the system.


Metal alloy body, glass lamp cover and pilot bulb and high-quality metal mount for tripod.


  • The F - Control app for iOS and Android makes the Pro X flashes one of the most modern studio flashes
    in the world.
  • Convenient and fast control of all flash functions makes the photographer’s job more efficient and saves
    time during shooting.
  • Controlling 1 to 50 flashes from 1 place.
  • Control software for MAC and Windows will satisfy all professionals.
  • Flash settings can be saved, which enables using presets for different types of photography.

 Dan Vojtěch photographer and rider Tomáš Slavík Future Trick - winning project Red Bull Illume 2013


New unique function of Digital Pro X flash heads - fast masking of a captured person/product to other photobackground.

Transmitter triggers back flashes on channel B first and front flashes on channel A immediately after - you get 2 snapshots, when the first one is a silhouette and the



Flash fire adjustment
7 f-stop.

Pilot lamp adjustment 
7 f-stop
pilot lamp and flash fire proportional power adjustment.
pilot lamp can be turned on while flash fire.

Quick power switch:  
full/minimal/last used.

Flash counter:
you can always check total fash count.
Flash tube lifetime is approximately 100 000 - 200 000 flashes.

ACS system:
LCD display shows power in f-stop numbers in the same way as flash meter.
Automatically change the f-stop number according to distance.

Smart fan
fan cools electronics, flash tube and pilot lamp.
The flash head body temperature could be shown on LCD display.

Flash tube and pilot lamp protective glass cover
Protection when changing accessories, flash tube and pilot bulb protection for longer life.

Flash triggering system:
IR sensor + visual pointer of flash charging - FY3447 2,4GHz Transmitter + FY3446 2,4GHz receiver, range up to 100m - Radio triggering thanks to receiver FY7859 + transmitter FY7829 (16 channels/2,4 GHz)

PC or MAC control
5 channels – 10 groups/1-50 studio flashes

Changeable handle and mount for ceilling systems  
You can always mount the flash for stand or ceiling system so you can easily read LCD panel

Japanese capacitors
Japanese capacitors for correct output power and long lifetime of studio flashes Fomei. Digital Pro X have faster charging time thanks to this component.

Accessories mount

Wireless connection options

It can be controlled with PC or Mac software, remote control or manually on the device LCD panel on the back side. This most modern studio flash head technology is based on wireless transfer (2.4GHz) up to 100m distance. 

The whole system consists of studio flash heads, cordless controller, wireless receiver and other items such as:

  • USB transmitter + software
  • Remote contol via iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android tablet
  • Android smartphones

For PC/Mac control you will need USB radio antenna + software. USB is not included in set and are sold separetly.

For iOS/Android contol you will need  router (FY3027), wifi converter (FY3448) and software. Router and converter not included in set and are sold separetly.

Android smartphone (sw. download) receiver not included 

Digital Pro X - 500 Flash power
Power f-stop Power Ws Power
8.1 500 1/1
7.1 250 1/2
6.1 125 1/4
5.1 62.5 1/8
4.1 31.2 1/16
3.1 15.6 1/32
2.1 7.8 1/64
1.1 3.9 1/128


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